Who Do You Trust With Your Cows?


Are we the only ones that have a really short list? I get calls for free vacations and all these things that sound so neat and wonderful, but then… who will watch the cows? What if something happens? What if the cows get out? What if a strange bull gets in with the cows? What if there is an earthquake…in western Colorado?

So we never go anywhere. The last place we went was … east Texas for Christmas. Probably won’t be doing that one for a while. Three kids (ages 11 months, 2, and 3) in car seats for a trip that takes two days… no fun. The kids are bigger now–there are now 4 of them–, but still would not be the funnest road trip. Besides, the people that were supposed to be taking care of the cows… we don’t think they did it to our standards.

And there it is.

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