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How To Start A Farm: With Limited Funds

How To Start A Farm: Hopefully I can give some insight and share how to start a farm by sharing how we have built Cow Cow Ranch from literally nothing. This will probably end up a series of post. May I recommend signing up for notification of new posts? You can do that by clicking HERE (will open in new tab… Read more »

The Oxymoron That Is the USDA Grading Scale

Does anyone else recognize the oxymoron in the USDA’s beef grading system? “Lean beef” means a lack of fat, but the system is based off more fat being perceived as better. Prime is best on the scale–and has the most fat. Choice has less fat, but still has quite a bit. No wonder consumers are confused! Beef is a great… Read more »

Sustainable Beef For Sustainable Business

Sustainable and sustainable farming have become buzz words for agriculture. Let’s get some terminology down: Cow Cow Ranch’s Definition of Sustainable Production of food for human consumption through the utilization of natural, renewable resources in a way that does not diminish the resources’ abilities to regenerate. A sustainable operation must produce enough income to pay for it’s own expenses, debt… Read more »

Is This An Ethical Way To Make $ In the Cattle Industry?

Sustainability and profitability, that are what I’m “big” on. So when I learn of something that is hurting fellow ranchers, just so someone can make a buck, I get a little upset. I wanted to share one of those things that just irk me. Irk is putting it mildly. Frankly, I was so angry when I learned of it that… Read more »

Measuring Ranch Profitability For Efficiency and Sustainability

  With all the posts I’ve done on cow size, I wanted to address the individual performance vs. per acre calculations. For the past few decades–maybe longer, since the 50s?–individual animal performance has been the basis for how to calculate and determine profit, loss, success, or failure. This resulted in dismal failures! This is not the correct way to measure… Read more »