The Cows Are All Gone!

Only thing left at the house is Lily (the dog), Kitty (inside cat), Robin (outside cat), and eight chickens, one of which is named Chaser and the rest are so similar they can’t be differentiated from each other (isn’t that what people say about black cattle?).

Up early this morning. Must finally be catching back up on my sleep after the Utah trip. The older I get, the longer the recovery time.

Lily came out on the deck with me. Robin, our orange-striped mighty-hunter outside cat, was laying under the grill that the wind blew off the deck the other day (I can’t get it up, tried…waiting for Jer). Lily saw her, thought about giving chase, but listened when I said no and just laid down on the deck. That’s the first time I’ve been able to call Lily off Robin–probably helped that Robin wasn’t running. Robin sat there and growled for about 45 seconds, then they both just laid there not caring about the other.

Lily and Robin in peaceful co-presence.

Lily and Robin in peaceful co-presence.

Charlie invited her friend, Ellie, to go to VBS and day camp today, so we met Ellie’s dad at the Community Center on Rogers Mesa and picked up Ellie.

Took kids to VBS, then Rosie and I went and irrigated Cox’s and Winchester’s. Rosie was really, really difficult to get along with at Cox’s and beyond. Don’t know if she didn’t get enough sleep or what. Irrigated Cox’s and Winchester.

Went to the house and loaded all the cows, calves and Power. Went really smooth, a person would think they were trained or something. I think my mention of “grass” helped.

After the fiasco of Sir Patrick going through the drive thru the day before, I didn’t even bother to break out the camera to video it.

Took them up to Carl’s. Dan, the guy that owns the pasture the horses are in, pulled out of his driveway and up beside me as I was backing down to Carl’s driveway. Loved the meat I gave him to try. Wants more.

Rosie’s mood miraculously improved when I approved her opening the trailer gate (well, undoing the chain and sliding the bar back). Unloaded, closed gates, then checked my phone when it mooed (indication I received a text). It was Tori, Marion’s friend, Bentley’s, mom. I replied to her text and looked up to see this:

Heading up the field, I got this video:

At the top, before changing water, I got this one:

And when we were back down, I got this one.

Picked up kids from VBS, took them home to feed them, and then to day camp.

Worked on blog and while I was, Jer came home. Nothing for work until Tuesday. Alrighty then.

Went and picked up kids. Ellie was having such a blast and wants to go to VBS and day camp tomorrow, so I asked if she wanted to spend the night. She did, okayed it with her dad, extra kid. All good.

I was planning on some Asian food the neighbor, Lee, cooked up for me using some of our beef the other day, but Jer doesn’t care for Asian food. He asked me to make something for dinner–spur of the moment. Bacon and eggs it is.

He’s off irrigating (yaaaahhhh!) and the bacon is just about defrosted. No animals at the house to haul water for or feed hay to, Jer will do the irrigating. Wow, all I have to do is run kids around and maybe fix some food!! Spoiled. I’m spoiled.

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